In 1993, Dulces La Muralla began a trading relationship with Mercadona and in 2010 we became an Intersupplier.


After signing the Intersupplier Agreement, Dulces La Muralla changed its mentality, making the business more professional and achieving:

1) A shared business model without shared capital.

2) Having a common goal, to always offer the client the best value for money, guaranteeing the Food Safety of our products as the fundamental principle.

3) Growth based on a relationship of mutual trust.

4) Business stability.

5) Long-term agreements with our suppliers (we also provide them with business stability)

6) Investments: 12 million euros between 2010-2014

7) Exponential growth in production and billing.

8) Continuous creation of employment: Thanks to this Intersupplier Agreement, in the last 3 years 150 jobs have been created.

9) Deseasonalization of our products. We manufacture chocolate and puff pastry products all year, breaking the seasonality of the Christmas campaign.