“To be able to be satisfied, first you have to satisfy others”

Dulces La Muralla shares with you its management model of MERCADONA, based on TOTAL QUALITY; a business model based on universal truths and whose objective is to equally satisfy the five components that make up the company:

  • THE BOSS, our consumers:
    Satisfy the needs of the BOSSES with the manufacturing of our products, offering the best value for money and always guaranteeing Food Safety.
    Seek the maximum well-being of all the EMPLOYEES, permanent motivation and continuous improvement through their training.
    To share this Management Model with the SUPPLIERS, supporting business stability, based on trust and equality.
    Achieving the development of activity committed to SOCIETY through the interest of each of its components and through respect for the environment.
    Fighting daily, through CAPITAL and its reinvestment, to continue guaranteeing the future of activity and being able to continue satisfying the BOSSES, EMPLOYEES, SUPPLIERS and SOCIETY.